Friday, July 09, 2004

DrinkClub with Kevin

So Kevin and I went out to Drink Club last night. It was good to go out and feel guilty about not talking to women. I keep thinking that if I do that enough, eventually I'll build up the courage to do it on my own...But Wen is out of town (visiting his fiance in Singapore) so I'm very glad that I brought Kevin along to hang out.

And we also checked out the Baghdad Cafe in the Castro after clubbing. It's a 24 hour deli type place, and had pretty decent food. But it was a real experience to be in the Castro at 3a.m. It was a very flamboyant crowd, and was definetly a little different.

And speaking of flamboyant, one of Kevin's neighbors was a real asshole about my parking in his driveway for 5 minutes. He gave me the whole "what make you think you have the right..." delivery which pissed me off greatly. I mean I know I was in the wrong, and as a result felt a little guilty, but it was amazing how quickly the guilt burned off and was replaced by rage when he started to hassle me about it. And he wouldn't event take an apology he just kept bugging me.

It's been a while since I really wanted to hit a guy, and really annoys me that it came up over something where I'ld be pretty pissed off if the cituation were reversed. But I've already check that one off of the list so I'll just let it go

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