Sunday, July 04, 2004

Celebrate the independance of your nation by blowing up a piece of it

Well after the last few days of being pretty lonely (what with Andrew and Lexi out of town, and being dumped) I was getting all set to celebrate the 4th of July alone. I figured that I would go up on the roof this year and watch the Foster City and Redwood City shows (and some of the people in the area who have illegal fireworks) like the other two 4ths I've spent in San Carlos even if I was going to be alone this year. So I went and bought a cigar (I'm trying to develop some skills at selecting cigars as I think that will be the next area of faux-snobbery I get into) so I went to the cigar shop on Laurel Street and had the guy pick me out something interresting (see the review below).

Well in all fairness I knew I wouldn't be alone since I was going to bring Ishy up on the roof with me. It was a bit of a chore to carry him up the ladder but I managed without him breaking skin anywhere so I was pretty happy. And once he got on the roof he seemed to enjoy himself well (and he knew better than to mess with the 20 foot drop so I didn't have to leash him to one of the vents up there).

The thing is that before it got too dark, Cathy (my neighbor) set off a firework in her yard, and I had fun watching it and calming Ishy with the noise. We talked a bit and she came up to watch the fireworks with me (and bring some of her personal stash up where nothing was flammable).

It was good to have someone to talk to up there tonight while we watched the fireworks go off. And it was good to talk with her for a while. I hadn't had much of a chance to do that in the last few weeks being out of town a lot for outdoorsy adventures. (If you don't know what I'm talking about, well what are you doing reading my blog, but you should check out the pictures anyway)

Now I'm off to watch the Will Smith Independence Day to finish off my July 4th.

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