Friday, June 04, 2004

Fuck the MPAA

I got a notice from my ISP yesterday that someone had been downloading copyrighted material through my IP address. They actually included the e-mail that the MPAA had sent to them. Basically they sent me a cease and desist with a pointer on how to secure a wireless router so that whoever had been downloading the copyrighted material (because I would never do that) could no longer continue. It was actually a pretty sound warning from them with some very sounds security warnings, and I'm glad for how they handled it.
The thing is that the letter from the MPAA included what the infringing material was and it turns out to be a TV show. Now I thought that most of what the MPAA cared about as far as internet downloading was movies (especially after acually putting some people in jail for camcording), but I guess I was mistaken. I guess even stuff that is broadcast free over the airwaves is still a big deal to have on the internet. Guess now that someone is zealously checking my IP address, I can't use bit torrent to download mozilla any more.
And of course all this happens the day that my t-shirt arrives in the mail. There are certainly moments of incredible co-incidence in life.
P.S. - Since I was reading this with my gmail account, I got some ads along with the message. It was impressive how accurate the ads were for the page. One was even an article written for people who run small ISP's about the legal implications of copyright violations by those they service.

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