Friday, June 18, 2004

Friday morning hangover

So I had a designated driver at Drink Club last night, which lends itself to some pain this morning. It was a great party at the Bubble Lounge which is a totally chill atmosphere, and while the party was a little too big for the bar staff they had (I had to wait almost 20 minutes for a drink at one point), it was a very good time.

The thing is that since there was such a wait at the bar, and since I had Andrew to drive me home last night, I just starting ordering doubles of whiskey. Good night. Bad morning. I'll survive. And the hangover seems to be burning off with the morning fog, so that's good. Or maybe it's just the omelette I had at the Depot Cafe this morning to try and soak up the toxins in my system.

Well, I'll have to go to the gym tonight, since I couldn't this morning. I did make it into work at about my usual time, but after the 10 minute drive I needed a break (hence why I'm writing this - english text requires so much less effort than reading spam or writing code)...Maybe since I'll have more time, I'll do an extended run and lift some...we'll see

Oh and if anyone finds my cell phone, please let me know...

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