Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Bacon Burger Dog

Also this weekend, being the unofficial start to summer, was prime BBQ time. I tried my hand at constructing a bacon burger dog. I had heard about this from the bacon forum on Orkut and had to try it. It's a sausage or hot dog wrapped in ground beef, and then wrapped in bacon. The cooking was straightforward, in that you just cook it slowly (i.e. at the edge of the grill) and rotate regularly (I so need to get a spit and someone to turn it). Apparently this is an homage to Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby's character on The Cosby Show) and it was a good to eat as it sounds. Especially since the bacon hardened just right a formed a crust suitable for holding the concoction and thus made it so I needed neither a bun (since I'm doing Atkins) nor silverware.
Next time I plan on getting fancy and gormet with the ground beef and make some good hamburger mix for the bacon burger dog, and I now know what the base flavor I'm working with will be.

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