Friday, June 11, 2004

10k run

I did it!!!! Today I ran 6 and 1/4 miles which for those who don't like SAE works out to 10 kilometers. And I did it in just under an hour, so that one of my criteria that I had set myself as part of the "get in shape before/when I turn 25" is made. The other two goals weren't quite as analytically defined as this one, but the goals have been (since January at least, prior to that I hadn't subdivided the "get in shape when i turn 25" goal)...
  • Lose weight
    (mostly this was get under 200lbs, which I have done. Unfortunately, now that I'm here I see I still have quite some distance left to go)
  • Be able to run for an hour straight
  • Be able to bench what I weigh
    (this was so that if I kept losing weight the strength requirement might be lessened. I really aught to start putting some effort into this beyond bouldering).

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