Monday, April 19, 2004

Chinese curses

They say there is an ancient chinese curse: "May you live in interesting times." Well the last week sure has been interesting. And I haven't written anything yet because I was waiting for the 3rd thing to happen. They say bad things come in 3s. And that's not true. Especially in this situation. It's more that unlikely things come in 3s. (Given a poisson distribution of unlikely events like radioactive decay, short intervals are more likely than long and so forth). Anyway I digress...

First off, I quit AOL. April 30th will be my last day, and I hope that they return my soul along with the unused vacation time. I didn't read the fine print to carefully, but I'm hoping that they only have temporary possesion while they give me a paycheck. And now I'm off to I'm incredibly excited about the new opportunity, and the chance to get to work on some algorithmically interesting problems again. I really hope the brain rot is only on the surface.

Next I was dumped from a relationship I wasn't even sure existed. (That's probably a good indicator right there of why I was dumped -- whoops). I was sitting there trying to read the signs for what ladder I was on, and I guess I'm not too good at reading the signs. One way or the other.

And finally I found out that a close and dear friend of mine (with whom I don't maintain nearly the contact that I should) just got out of a 4 year relationship herself. Since she lived on the other side of the country it's a lot harder for me to know what was (and still is) going on. It does put my problems into place, and I hope she can make it through this trying time.

Well that got depressing...Maybe I should have put them in the other order, but that's the chronology, and I try not to re-order history to tell a good story unless I'm working up to a punch line. Anyway working for a start-up news aggregator, I'll either be spending a lot more or a lot less time updating this. Time to decide "You karate do: O.K. You karate no do: O.K. You karate so-so: Squish, just like grape." Hey look at that I leave it on another depressing note.

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