Monday, March 08, 2004

Metallica (Part II)

Well there's a few things I forgot to write down last night as I was passing out from mosh exhaustion (and perhaps a little CO2 poisoning/heat exhaustion. I was feeling pretty light headed at times in the croud). I hadn't thought of the concert as a family event, but there was a dad showing his 10 year old son the ropes of Rock 'n Roll by making sure his son got a good view when the flashing started. That's a special kind of dad, though the "strong moral fiber" voice in me is saying that I'm going to be paying for 10x10 housing for that kid some day.
And there's something else, that I still can't remember...ah well, too much second hand "smoke" at the concert.

Sunday, March 07, 2004


So AOL Music comp'ed me a ticket to the Godsmack/Metallica show tonight. It was absolutely incredible. I stayed on the floor, where from what I gather the objective is to push your way as close to the band as possible. Unless of course you're about to pass out or are under too much pressure (in a physics sense, not a psychological one), in which case you are pushing the other way about as hard as you can.
It was absolutly incredible to see the bands in person. I wish I had started going to concerts earlier, as I imagine I will continue to do this in the future. And one of the remarkable things, is that I had only one ticket, so I went by myself. Contrary to my expectations, I actually still had a blast. And I don't know if I could have stayed with anyone, if I hadn't gone alone, but that's an experiment I'ld like to try some day.
As for going alone, there's something about a Rock concert that puts chicks in heat. It was absolutly incredible the response I got from being in the croud. It's been a while since random women came up and grided on me, and just grabbed my hand, and, well, something other than my hand.
All in all a good time. I must find a way to thank the person responsible for my ticket appropriately.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Red vs. Blue

I finally got a chance to watch the Red vs. Blue Season 1 DVDs. It's so hillarious, and everyone should go pick up a copy of it. It's basically a film of Halo scenes in Blood Gulch, and the writing on it is incredible. Also what they get out of in game play is very impressive.
The one thing that I do wonder about it though is that there is a scene with a robot who can only speak spanish, and "Madre de dios" is translated as "Son of a Bitch". What are they saying about Mary?

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

G-String Etymology

Do you know where the term g-string comes from? You're in good copmany. Apparently there is no authorotative source for this. The Merriam Webster and the American Heritage dictionaries just leave the origin as unknown. Ask Yahoo has a few interesting selections that all seem reasonable. And a few other sources (here and here) seem to agree with the Native American explanation.
It crossed my mind that I didn't know where the term comes from last night and tried to do some research. Apparently there's actually enough mystery that you could probably write a history thesis on it. Either that or leaving the adult filter on when doing google searches like this eliminates the useful results - nah.