Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Most humbling moment

I've been paying attention to the f*** personals, and one of the questions they ask is "what was your most humbling moment?" I always felt weird because I couldn't come up with a humbling moment. I mean I went to Caltech explicitly for a humbling experience, and it certainly took down my ego several notches. The problem is that it was a slow 4 year effect, and there was no single moment I could point to that took the lion's share of my ego.
Then today I came up with my most humbling moment. It will be the moment when I give up on a fairy-tale romance. The day I give up on the theory of love at first sight and happily ever after.
I noticed today that I still firmly believe in all of the disney-esque childlike romanticism, and that if I continue to actually try to expose myself to people to try and date I'm probably going to give that up. It seems likely that there will be a point where I give up, and just start looking for the best that I can get as opposed to waiting and hoping for perfection.

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