Friday, October 17, 2003

In a New York minute...

...everything can change. And the Yankees defeated the Red Sox last night in one of the most exciting games of baseball I've seen in a while. Clemens leaves after 3 to a standing ovation. Wells comes in as the 3rd reliever from the bullpen (that was a sight) and gives up a homer on his first pitch. And Pedro pitches a great game until the 8th where he loses his steam and the Yankees pick him apart to tie it up, and it goes until the 11th. Rivera pitched the last three innings (the first time since 2000 he's done that), and Boone wins the game.

But with all the hoopla over Boone, and the decision to keep Pedro in the game during the 8th, I think theres a small bit falling through the cracks. That's that throughout the game (until the 8th) the Yankees couldn't do squat against Pedro. Except for Giambi. His two solo homers were crucial to keeping New York in the game, and Torre had put him 7th in the line-up that night. So while everyone congratulates or vilifies the later inning players, I want to give props to Giambi for keeping hope alive.

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