Monday, September 22, 2003


Was actually a very enjoyable movie. It didn't fully remove the taste of the summer crapfest, but I did enjoy watching it. Granted you have to want to see vampires biting werewolves to enjoy the movie, but it delivered on it's promise of cross-supernatural-evil fighting. I was slightly disappointed that they took the time to develop special bullets to defeat each (silver nitrate to kill the werewolves, and ultraviolet ones to kill the vampires) and yet didn't fully flush out some of the armed violence scenes. But it did mean that the few bits of supernatural violence that occurred were special and hit you all the harder.
Naturally the plot was not the selling point of the movie, but there was a little mythology thrown in during the talking scenes which helped them out some, but not nearly as much as the corny lines that were delivered by the sacraficial stupid male scheming for control.
And I had forgotten how much I love to look at skin-tight black plastic clothing, and corsets. And together, they are simply amazing.


Jaime moved out to the Bay Area at the end of last month, and is currently living with me. She, dad and I drove out from New York and had a hell of a time on the drive. I was very glad that I could enjoy a cross-country road trip again after the New Orleans fiasco.
It's been really good for me to have Jaime out so far. She's been getting me to go outside and spend time away from the T.V. And she's also been making me watch more football. I've been meaning to pick up some of the subtleties of the sport (yes, go ahead and insert some joke about oxymorons if you need to) for a while, so it's good to have someone to learn from about it.
And it's just nice to have some family within 1000 miles, and to have it within 100 feet is wonderful. And it gives me someone to go see new movies with...


So it's been a while since I've written here, so I figure the best place to start is with some thoughts on apathy. And though I have always prided myself on my apathy (it was too much work to think about how it didn't deserve pride), I must admit, I've actually had a slight decrease in the last month.
And while I haven't left to soul-sucking environment of AOL (sorry just Time Warner now), I did register to vote, and have actually been getting out of my house to spend time under that ball of fire 93 million miles away. I guess I can attribute that to me new roommate, so lets move on to...