Wednesday, August 06, 2003


Watching A Queer Eye for the Straigt Guy is really having a toll on me. I've been keeping my place neater and cleaner, and what's more, I've been shaving on a daily basis. The grooming expert had mentioned how shaving was the simplest way to show that you care about your appearance. I'm not entirely sure if this is still the simplest way when you're shaving 80% of your head, but let's assume it's up on there on the list.

Not only have I actually started shaving regularly, I've also been using (gasp!) shaving cream and aftershave. And I spent some time researching the whole with/against the grain thing. What it looks like (from my studies and my experience) is that you should shave with the grain first. Take care of most of the hair, neatly. Then work (carefully) against the grain for the tough spots. This seems to give me a really close shave, though I don't have long term studies. Also I've found that using a towel to dry off also gives me an idea of how close the shave is. If the towel catches anywhere during the drying process, there's still some stubble there.

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