Sunday, August 03, 2003

Getting pulled over

So I almost ran a cop off the road today

I had gone out for a morning drive, and was coming back home along the 92 and was stuck in the left lane behind an SUV doing 70. I had been watching the right lane for a while, and since I had seen no one there, I changed lanes in frustration with the slow SUV and accelerated to pass.

Before I had completed the pass (and while I was still going under 80) I saw blue and red lights in my rear view mirror. Fuck! And I wasn't going all that fast. I pull over at the first chance I get (I was right next to an exit so had to go about a 1/4 mile further) then another cop pulls in behind him. Double Fuck! What the hell did I do?
When the officer walks to my window, this is the conversation as best I can remember it:

 Officer: So, do you know why I pulled you over? Me: To be honest, I'm not really sure. Officer: Well you almost ran me off the road back there when you changed lanes. Me: What?!? I'm so sorry. I didn't realize. Officer: License and registration please [At this point I pull them out, and he goes back to his car. He comes back a few minutes later] Officer: Thank you. Please go on your way. 
Whoo-hoo! I almost run a cop off the road, and there's no long-term legal consequences. I just wonder what I was going to get with the Karma I spent there.

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