Sunday, August 17, 2003


I just got back from L.A. and on the way up, I was thinking about how I would write something nice here about how most of the drivers on the 5 treated the left lane as a passing lane (so when they weren't actually passing anyone, they were in the right lane). Unfortunatly, it appears likely I will receive a ticket in the mail shortly.

I had heard some people talk about a program California had tried several years ago involving unmarked police cars that would "pace" a suspect, take a picture of his license plate, and then send him a ticket in the mail. I had also heard that this program had been stopped since it violated the civil rights of the speeders by not being able to see their pursuer. Unfortunatly for me, it appears as though they didn't cease the procedure.

I was driving along the 580 just after the 5 and was doing a reasonable <80mph when I was passed by another car. It passed a car in front of me, which then moved into the left lane, and a bright light then filled the night (Which I think may actually be more dangerous to other drivers than someone going a little fast). I had no idea about what this was, or what was going on, so I sped up to see if I could see what was going on. I pass the car that had been in front of both of us to start, and notice that it's a red mustang, and nothing else out of the ordinary, but it's night, and I'm trying to not spend too much time looking out the side of the car. After I am fully in front of him, he whips behind me, and this pisses me off. Why would he be sitting in that lane, wait for me to drive past, and then try to pass the other guy who had moved into the right lane in front of him. But anyway, I yield and start to pull to the right when the same flash goes off, and this time it's behind me. Then as I slow in the right lane to let him pass, he takes another picture of me behind the wheel. This is the point where I finally remember about what my Californian friends had told me, and realize that I will probably have a ticket in my mailbox in 6 to 8 weeks. I wonder if the fact that he had to break at least 3 traffic ordinances to do this will help me get out of paying the fine.

At least I know where the karma went...

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