Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Arianna's In!

And I'm even more confused now about the recall in California. On the one hand, what the fuck did Gray Davis do wrong? And is it worth the time and money of a recall? Certainly not. But it is in the state consitution, so I hope this means it's time for a refferendum to change that, though whether or not that would succeed depends greatly on how the recall goes.

And as for my friends pushing me to run, while that's fun and all, I really don't want to actively take part in such a ridiculous process. I'm ok, with the lazy, let-them-do-everything approach, but now that it comes down to filling out paperwork on my own, and waiting in line at some county seat, I can't do it.

And finally Arianna Huffington announced her intentions to run in the recall. I'm happy that there will be a strong Democrat in the running, and I would absolutely love to have someone that smart and well spoken as governor, I really hate that if she wins, the victory will be tarnished by the process.

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