Saturday, August 09, 2003

28 Days Later

I played hookey yesterday afternoon from work (it was too nice a day to spend boiling in my non-air-conditioned cube), and wandered off to the Metrione to finally see 28 Days Later. I must admit that the positive feed back I heard on it was quite accurate. It was a really good zombie movie. I was especially impressed with how it was a zombie movie without resorting to actual zombies. It might be the scientific training, but I really like the believable, overcome with rage infected that are killable like normal humans as opposed to the zombies that take two shots to the head and get up for more. It had good pacing, and some nice pyrotechnics. And the Lord of the Flies esque lack of civilization brings out the inhuman in us development, while it has been done before, is still nice to see and provided an interesting contrast with the "infected" who were inhumanly raged, but without a control switch.

As for the alternate ending, well I'm not sure which I prefer. The part of me that grew up on Disney likes the happily-ever-after of the original ending, and the part of me that knows life isn't a Disney movie likes the loss in the second ending (though the part of me that looks at movies as an artform is disgusted at using a second ending as a way of selling more tickets). I propose a compromise therefore: Save Jim, just to Napalm all of them when the Jet flies by. Why would you risk global contamination by saving them anyway?

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